What To Expect

What Will The Service Be Like?

The service experience at the Lighthouse includes worship music and a message. We'll also throw in some media just to keep things interesting.

The music is led by a worship leader along with a live band and worship singers featuring a blend contemporary and traditional worship music. The message is always focused on the truth of God’s Word addressing the real issues that real people face in their daily lives. You can expect to be both encouraged and challenged by Pastor David or one of our other pastors.

The Sunday service lasts for approximately 60- 90 minutes.

You will find a friendly environment where everyone is welcomed.

 What Should I Wear?

Plan to dress comfortable and modest. You can wear your Sunday best or you can wear jeans. 

In our hot Arizona temperatures you may even see some members wearing shorts.

Will I be singled out, asked to give money, or asked to do anything weird if I visit?

No. We are friendly, so others may greet you and introduce themselves, but you won’t be asked to stand, come forward, or in any way publicly identify yourself as a guest. 


We do receive an offering during our service, but guests are never asked to give. 

We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your experience here. 

We do encourage you to fill out an information card, but you can choose not to if you prefer. 

We will never spam you, sell or distribute your information. 

We will send you a letter after you visit for the first time, and we may send some information about our church, but we respect and value your privacy the same as our own.